Terms and conditions

1. Every new OB member shall be entitled to a membership card and upon the payment of the relevant fees, a copy of the Rules of the Union and a Union badge.

2. It shall be the duty of each member to pay regularly and promptly.

3. Any Ordinary Branch Member who is in arrears of monthly subscriptions for more than one month or is suspended from membership shall not have the right to attend, speak and vote at any general meeting.

4. Any member who allows his monthly subscriptions to be more than three months in arrears shall be deemed to have struck off himself from the membership of the Union with effect from the last day of such three months.

5. When a member’s employment status changes due to a change of jobs or other reasons, instead of terminating his membership, he may transfer from Ordinary Branch Membership to General Branch Membership and vice versa. The member will be transfer from this Union to another NTUC affiliated Union so as to enable him to continue to remain as a Union member and to enjoy the benefits thereof.

6. A member desiring to resign from the membership of the Union shall give at least three months written notice to the Union.

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