A Labour Union is made up of working people who have joined together for common goals.

People join Labour Unions so that they can enjoy union advantage in terms of better wages, benefits and working conditions through collective bargaining with the employers.

Every kind of worker! Today's unions include professionals, managers, executives, contract workers and part-timers!

If you do not have a union at your workplace, take the first step to find out more about how to form one. Contact a SMMWU orgainzer for guidance on organizing.

For administrative purposes, SMMWU divides its membership into 2 categories

You can join as a OB member if your company has established a bargaining relationship with the Union. SMMWU negotiates with your employer on behalf of all members of the company, for a Collective Agreement that deals with specific terms and conditions of employment.

You are eligible to join as a GB member if you do not fall into the OB category. Not a union member? Join Us
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